Translate whole webpage with Google Translate

Hi, everyone. I’ve noticed that many people find it difficult to translate websites into your language!
Since I only speak German, I rely on Google translator. This can be found at: en stands for English, and you have to enter your abbreviation there, for me it’s de. In Google Chrome you have the possibility to preset your language. Then all you have to do is right-click and the page will be translated into your language.
With a trick, you can use Google Translator to translate not only documents or inserted paragraphs of text, but entire websites.
In a separate tab, browse to as usual. Immediately after (without spaces) append the character string /translate?u=", again directly followed by the address of the desired website, so that the entire URL reads something like this:


Addendum: I produced a demonstration effect that didn’t work. here the address of
changed to forum-kicad-info.
I am looking for a solution immediately!

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This is a victim of translation. Probably should be “I am looking for a solution now!”. As it stands, this translation reads as “Ich fordere sofort eine Lösung!” or similar.

Yet another reason that we should all be reading posts with assumed kindness of intent here. :grinning:


While English is encouraged to reach the largest audience, when in doubt you can still post the original along with the translation. English isn’t the native tongue of everyone here. The ultimate goal is helping folks with the program.


That’s why I wrote this post.

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On the Mod side there are a lot of first posts held by the system because the user ‘typed suspiciously fast’. I sometimes suspect something like this has happened.

“Typing too fast” is an indication of a Copy & paste operation, but it does not say anything about the reason for that method.

I have written a bunch of posts on forums in a text editor, came back a day later, re-read it, made some edits, and only when the post was finished I copied it into a forum topic.

Writing it in your own language, putting it though some translator and then pasting the text is another common method.

“Typing too fast” can be the result of a spammer or script pasting text, but a first poster getting his post hidden because of this is probably unexpected and can be an annoyance.

I don’t know what the 1st time poster sees so I thought this might be a good place to throw it out there.

Vastly offtopic, but sometimes it’s nice to have a “scratchpad” area on the forum.
With this, you could create a 2nd account and pretend you’re a newbe.

I once wrote:

and I would like to add some index with links, but I won’t attempt to edit that in the article directly.
this FAQ part was slapped together quickly, and I find it quite limiting. with no way to make backups or revert editing errors.

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