TransformIt plugin - batch scale, mirror, rotate all the things

Hello everyone,

I just published first version of my new plugin TransformIt

It allows you to scale, mirror, rotate a bunch of items like tracks, zones, graphics, footprints.

Ever wanted to tweak the size of a logo footprint or graphic? Now you can:


Ever wanted to mirror or slightly stretch a bunch of tracks and zones? You can do that too.

Github: GitHub - openscopeproject/TransformIt: Graphics scaling plugin for KiCad
Downloads: Releases · openscopeproject/TransformIt · GitHub

How to install

There are 2 ways to install, fully manual and through plugin manager “Install from file” feature.

  • For full manual installation download and extract it into folder that opens when you do “Tools → External Plugins → Open Plugin Directory” from PCB editor.
  • For installation from plugin manager download and click “Install from file” in plugin manager.

Please test it if you find it useful and let me know if you see any issues. It will be added to plugin manager soon if there is nothing glaring I missed.

Note, there is a bug in 7.0.0 that makes modified footprints look like they are selected but they aren’t really. It will be fixed in 7.0.1.

Only KiCad 7.0 and up is supported.


Very nice!
one thing about the ui that i’d like is H % and V % ‘locked’ at the same % by default, with
the possibility to unlock to change aspect ratio, something like Gimp does.

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It’s not yet into the Plugin Manager I see. Is the installation fully manual for the time being?
if: yes: what to do plese? I see there is a “pcm” file. Is it also needed?

Links are below the picture in the first post.

is there a small how to on how to install the plugins, please?
And about the.PCM?

To select the SVG I have to double click it. Then it works.
Instead for the pad: not necessary the double click. Just click one time and edit them.

It’s fantastic to see that a simple plugin, solved an issue present since ever on KiCAD and never solved natively. There was more engagement to tell me that “this feature is useless. no one uses it” … bah …

Instead of you’ve made my day @qu1ck … thank you so much.

EDIT: I hope you will make this plugin available through the Plugin Manager of KiCAD

Perhaps not so simple.

It would be interesting if the creator, @qu1ck, was willing to post an estimate of the time and effort required to create this plugin (including, or not including, the prior years of experience writing software) . :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t want to tell that he didn’t made effort.
Certainly, he employed his time in a more profitable way, sitenad of to argue that “this feature is useless” etc etc etc etc.
He won all.

As I said: great job. I’m spreading out the information ot other users I know they are interested on it.


Will be added soon.

Yes but good thing about plugins is that I can write them and release them independently of kicad’s release schedule. If transformation tool is added to kicad itself you won’t see it until v8, i.e. for another year at least.

I think you already figured it out but for clarity I’ll add install instructions to the top post.

Yes, that’s the plan. Just wanted to share it here first so that power users can help me weed out any silly bugs that I may have overlooked. Thanks for testing.

About 3 days, leisurely 3-5 hours a day. That included fumbling about in inkscape to draw the icon as well as tracking down and fixing kicad buggy behavior regarding item selections and plugins. But I am pretty familiar with kicad codebase and API already and in general have >15years of writing software for a living.


You’re the demonstration that real engagement and willingness, can do a lot of things :slight_smile:
Again thank you.

Yes I asked for the plugin manager, 'because it’s way easier to track updates :slight_smile:


@qu1ck Cudos for that :slightly_smiling_face:

I could install it in 7.0 but not in 7.99. It appears as installed in the PCM but I don’t get the toolbar icon.

[EDIT] Or is it that 7.99 is NOT 7.0 and up?

It is. I pushed a fix to github.

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v1.1 is released and is now available to install from KiCad’s official repository in plugin manager.

Changes since v1.0:

  • Added “link” toggle to preserve aspect ratio (default on)
  • Fixed nighty compatibility

I am using 7.0.5 KiCad and just used the plugin manager to install transformit. Nothing happens. I select any footprint in PCB editor or my logos on the back silkscreen that are all reversed when looking through the board so they print correctly on the back and try to change size or rotate and it just doesn’t work. edited: I posted on your GitHub and thought we can update people here who don’t know about GH when we find the answer. If you have KiKit installed, it breaks Transformit, so temporarily uninstalling KiKit lets it work again.

Yeah, thanks, good idea to post here about Kikit incompatibility.

Bug link if anyone wants to track it Still breaks pcbnew module · Issue #3 · yaqwsx/pcbnewTransition · GitHub

Version 1.2 is released and available in the kicad’s plugin manager. It fixes compatibility with the imminent v8 release.

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