Transformer pin naming

i have added a flyback transformer in my ki cad library . It is of 10 pins . Now strat pin of my primary winding is 3 and end pin is 1 .i have selected it as input and output . Now what should i name the 2 ,4 ,5 pin if i am not connecting it ?

Is this for a schematic symbol or for a footprint?

In the end it won’t matter much. The most important thing is that you use the same pin numbers in the schematic and in the footprint for all used pins, because those pin numbers is what generates the match between those two.

If your transformer has multiple coils / pads, then I would put them all in the schematic and just add “no connect” flags to them. It is my personal opinion that each and every (electrical) pad of a footprint should always be visible in the schematic for fault finding. (Because of that I always “un stack” the stacked power pins of schematic symbols I use). The reason I do this is because of visual inspection and repair of PCB’s. If I see a lone pad on a PCB, then I want to be able to verify in the schematic that nothing should be connected to it.

Pins of footprints I just number the same as in the datasheet for that part. If you don’t have a datasheet, then I would just keep a counter-clockwise order of numbering that fits best with conventional footprint numbering.

Are you sure they need a name?
I would do a symbol so I would see how it is wound and left only numbers.
Something like my symbol of RJ45 with Ethernet transformer inside it:

Its common to use N/C or NC or No Connect.

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