Transfer All Component Values to B. Silk Screen (Automatic)

Hello all,

I would like to have all my components values at bottom silk screen by default.
I could not find any option that can provide me this feature. Please guide.
Say if I have 150 components, I don’t want to go in edit properties change layer for values on each of them that is just time consuming. Is there a way I can do this for all components at once or make my default for values to be on bottom silk screen always?

Thank you.

I think Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Text and Graphic Properties is what you’re looking for.

I recommend to make a backup before you start experimenting with this because it can make a lot of changes with a few mouse clicks.

Another way is to make custom libraries, and then you can put anything on any layer you like (euhm, sort of). Making your own libraries (of modifying from the existing) is a lot of work though.

Scripting options may also work. From Pythin in Pcbnew to a simple search and replace in a text editor (KiCad’s pcb is readable text, and can be manipulated with a text editor).

But I fail to see the overall goal you want to reach.
for example, to me it does not make any sense to have silkscreen on the bottom for an SMT part that is on the front.

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