Tracks wont separate from top layer

Hi. I am totally new to KiCad.
On my first design, I have a top ( 12V layer and a bottom ( ground layer. I have placed some SMD components on top with correct footprints. But when I want to connect the components, the tracks won’t separate from the top layer. There is no clearance between the top layer and the tracks, even thou I am using the default tracks class with a 0.2mm track clearance.
What am I doing wrong?

You need to use vias for this. Shortcut “v” by default.

I do not want to change layer. The pads are on the top layer, and i need to make tracks in the top layer between the pads, isolated from the top layer.

Press the “B” key or run the DRC.

That did it. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

FIY, what is happening is PCBNew doesn’t automatically regenerate filled zones, you have to manually regenerate them. There are 3 buttons in the left-hand toolbar that might make laying out traces on layers where zones exists a little easier. See these screenshots to see the effect of each button:



Note, these buttons only affect the visual display. You will still need to eventually rebuild the zones with either the “B” keyboard shortcut, or when you run a DRC.

Personally, I hardly ever use the bottom button because I find the horizontal lines in the zone distracting. I usually do my placements and routing with the middle button active, and then turn the top button active and regenerate the zones to look for isolated pins/islands and review return paths.


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