Tracks won't connect to destination

At three different places on my board I can start a trace at a component but the other end won’t connect at the target pad. The other end goes around the target and doesn’t connect to anything.
The air wire goes to the proper place but the trace won’t. In PCBNew. The connection is right in the schematic.
Using Kicad 4.07 with a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6
D Quixote

As a first step you might want to consider upgrading to version 5.1.4.

For further assistance it is almost imperative to provide KiCad’s version information.
You can find the version under ‘Help | About KiCad’ from any open window.

Apart from that. If tracks don’t like to connect then there is almost always some issue along that track.
A DRC/ERC run can show you where the actual problems are.

Unfortunately, 5.1.4 does not support OSX 10.11 (it requires at least 10.12). The newest version available would be 5.0.2 (see here: MacOS 10.11 and KiCAD 5). It would be good to upgrade to 5.0.2 anyway, but be aware it doesn’t have active support (the same goes for 4.0.7).

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