Tracks in a netclass won't adhere to custom width values

As shown in the image below, the SPK+ and SPK- are set to net class SPK which has a track width of 0.5mm defined in it. However, as shown in the next image, when starting a track, the track starts at 0.2mm instead of 0.5mm. How do I fix this? Also, 0.25mm is the default track width and not 0.2mm.

Just because a net is in a netclass, does not mean it’s tracks are always drawn with the settings in that netclass. Experiment a bit with the buttons in the upper left corner of the PCB Editor.


(Note: Buttons = plural)

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SPK which has a track width of 0.5mm defined in it

With the names “SPK+” and “SPK-” you have marked both tracks/nets as a differential pair (DP). The values for these tracks are therefore taken from the column “DP width” in the netclass table.

You could also use all the information on the bottom status bar:

  • “resolved netclass: SPK” → this tells you that the netclass assignment was correct
  • “track width==0,2mm” → this was discovered by you already
  • one line below: “from netclass: SPK diff pair” → this should give you a hint for the source of the used track width value
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Ah now I see it. I realised later that they were being routed as a differential pair but didn’t know where to look for setting their track widths. Thank you :pray:t3:

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