Track widths for entire sub sheet


Q1: Lets say I have a hierarchical sheet with a bunch of connections between difference components. How would I go about to setup the same design rules for all traces in that entire sheet?

Q2: Is there something similar to a net-label I can put on a wire for the purpose of associating the wire with a net-class?

KiCad 5.1 on Ubuntu.

When assigning nets to net-classes in PCBNew, the list of named nets local to a hierarchical sub-sheet will be prepended with the sheet’s name. (I just discovered that unnamed nets don’t get the sheet’s name added to the auto-generated net name. So you would have to add some sort of local label to all nets on a sub-sheet on the schematic.) So, just find all the net names (this will not include any of the unnamed nets) in the format of /<sheet-name>/<net-name> (there may be multiple sheet names for deeply nested hierarchical schematics). For any global nets on the sub-sheet (i.e. nets from power and ground symbols and nets from global labels in the schematic), or nets that get their name from a further nested hierarchical sheet, there isn’t a way that I know of to select just the portion of the net that is on the sub-sheet of interest.

This question is a little confusing. Do you mean some way of indicating in the schematic a net-class definition that will be transferred to PCBNew? (This post is tagged Layout, indicating PCBNew. But the question seems to be schematic based control of layout?) If so, no there isn’t a way. EESchema doesn’t know anything about net classes. If it is important to you at the schematic level, use a text note on the schematic page(s) for reference when doing layout.

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Ah, so it isn’t just me getting this - finding the correct entries in the net-list is a real pain when they are on the same level. And adding a local label to each net is of course doable, but gosh will there be many labels.

Based on the above, yes I suppose that is what I’m asking for.

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