Track width lost with freerouter

Good evening

I´m new and a modell railroader - hope you can help.
Had a little bit experience with eagle and startet with KiCAD 5.1.7 German version for two weeks, freerouter 1.4.4 works very well too.
But now I ´ve a problem to use different track width.
Pcbnew: right mouse, select track width and klick on Leiterbahn 0,025 in
Well after all tracks are defined, export in a Specctra DSN file, open with freerouter and start autorouting. But if it´s ready, there are only thin tracks !!!
To import the Specctra Session doesn´t solve the problem - What do I wrong ??? Thanks a lot &

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PS: work still with win7

Importing the old session is the problem. It will read the old track width and ignore the one in the DSN.

Do I understand right, this is a feature?
You are the opinion, saving the pcb and export is fine, but freerouter doesn´t export different track width - Am I right?
Well I opened the ses file, there are different width f.e.
(path F.Cu 6350
1386840 -726440
1386840 -740148
(type protect)
(path B.Cu 2500
481076 -700278
481076 -693674

I beleave the import to Kicad is the problem - or do you mean this?

No I’m talking about the import of the DSN. If you choose to restore the previous freeRouting session settings at the very first dialog box then freeRouting ignores any changed track widths. You can see this in freeRouting by examining the net attributes. Nothing to do with KiCad importing the SES. Usual case of cached info not what you want.

If freeRouting has indeed got the correct attributes then make sure you have not made the tracks protected. I usually do a global deletion of all tracks first. But then I’m not doing partial routing.

I´ve got it. Took rules_net classes and added my track widhts in freerouter, after Assign a window appear with all connections. There I ´ve deffinated all nessecary classes - Thanks a lot !!!

You can also change the track width in pcbnew for the net classes and then when importing the DSN file, choose not to restore settings of the previous session, at least the first time.

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