Track width default and minimum



Startend with PCBnew and made my first project, it is ready great software.
I also ice power tracks for vcc and grond, width 1 mm. Manuel and autorouting is ok with this.

Only there is no DRC check to handle the track width, it does not check or VCC has the 1 mm.

Also for the future is it posible to have for the track defenition a typical track width and a minimal.
Lieke 1mm typ. And 0,5mm min.


Johan van putten


to get what you are after at a basic premise, in the design rules you would create a new netclass with your minimum trace width of 1mm,

Similarly if you had traces that needed different clearances or via sizes,this is how it would currently be done.


This forum is by users for users, only some developers read this randomly. So actual feature request may not be heard although it’s possible to discuss about them here.

There have been some plans for allowing different design rules for different areas, maybe that would help in the “typical/minimum” problem. It’s quite common to have a wide main track to allow large current but some narrow side tracks for e.g reference voltage.


I also use 1mm for VCC but when I need to connect to VCC 47k resistor and the track to it have to go under another 0603 element I see nothing wrong with makeing this connection with 0,25mm track. Do you really need DRC to see it as an error?


What I mean is a track has a design rule with a default track width (like 1 mm) and a minimum track width (like 0,5 mm) DRC will check this. If a track has not this rule a DRC marker will be placed. You an always ignore this marker, but it is usefull to check the power connections.


I think it would be a good idea to have some sane defaults set up for track widths rather than having it pretty much empty. Yes many people will tweak it, but I believe it would make it a more user friendly system if there were more base values pre configured. Better as feature request?