Track not connecting

Hello, i am working on a personal project using KiCad, but it seems like i have some issues with tracks on the PCB. I am drawing some tracks amd want to connect them, but KiCad will simply not let me do that. how can i fix this issue?

here is a video of the issue:

Note: there is no nets or anything

Do you have a schematic? Are those tracks the same net (connected on schematic)?

no schematic as i only need two copper solder pads and just a wire going around the whole board. i went straight to the layout

Use the draw a line and draw an arc tools, not route. Route only works well if you have a schematic first. Just make sure you’re drawing the line on the copper layer.

Then draw the schematic. If it’s just two single pin connectors with a wire between it. KiCad does not work well without a schematic and the netlist it creates. There are ways to work around this, (WireIt plugin, or creating nets manually in the PCB Editor), but creating a schematic is often the simplest way.

With a netlist you can work with real tracks, which also enables automatic clearances, track length tools (which can automatically create serpentines) and measure the track length. Abusing graphical elements for copper tracks as AKL suggests is not a good idea.

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does that mean that i have to redraw all these lines and not be able to use “tune lenght for single track” ?

Indeed. Length tuning does not work for graphical elements.

Maybe select all segments (use the U key) and then set the net name to the same name as the segment you want to connect to?

That is a (small) part of the trouble you are forcing yourself through if you do not have a schematic. If you have a schematic (and a footprint for a connector on the PCB), then a track attached to the connector pad will automatically get the net name of that track.

Are you aware of the KiMesh plugin?

KiCad (as other PCB design programs) main task is to make sure the user routes the tracks according to the schematic.
If you want the program to act against its main task you should expect problems :slight_smile:

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These graphical elements need to be assigned to a net, and all the same net, and then they will be connected and not avoid each other light that. I think the length tuning might also work then, not sure.

You can click on an element and press E to assign a net as long as you’re in KiCAD 8.x.x or newer.