Track Near Pad Errors

I’m designing a PCB that has some pads that will wirebond to a die. These pads will then connect via tracks to bigger pads for soldering purposes. Everything should be on the same layer. I’m having trouble making the tracks. Here is what I’ve done so far, with a picture of the board for clarity:

  1. The yellow are the edge cuts (the white holes are there for reference).
  2. The different red pads I made in Footprint Editor. SMD on the F. Cu layer.
  3. Get a “track near pad” error when I try to connect a solderpad to a smaller pad.

I’ve been told that making a schematic might fix the problem but I’m having trouble doing that (new user alert). Is there a way I can bypass this error? Or am I completely thinking about this wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

This screenshot seems quite familiar. Did you ask about the same thing somewhere else some time ago (At least a few month)? Or did you ask on this forum with a different account? If yes it might be a good idea to link to that. Might help us avoid asking the same stuff multiple times.

I posted this on Reddit a while ago and was recommended to post here. I just haven’t gotten around to it until now haha

I knew i saw this before. For everyone else:

If you don’t have a schematic or netlist, you can turn off DRC checking (toolbutton on top left), and you can draw tracks anywhere you like.

Of course, you lose a lot of useful checks like that, it may take more iterations to make a reliable PCB, depending on how intend to make it.


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