Track names for hierarchical bus entries


I’m new to KiCAD, so my question is maybe stupid, but I can’t find answef in docs, or here yet. I’m new user, so I can’t put images of my config here, so few images of it are here.

Described without images - I want to make device, which on root hierarchical level is ROOT sheet, in which are connected main blocks. One of these is CPU sheet, which controls Lights. From CPU sheet there is one bus named Lights[0…4], which is on ROOT sheet connected to Lights block also by bus. Lights sheet contains 5 copies of block named Light, and there problems begins. Light is controlled via pin named Light, bus entry wire is named Light0, Light1 … Light4 and connected to hierarchical sheet pin named Light[0…4].

My problem is on PCB - all is connected correctly, but track names are not as intended Light0, Light1 … Light4 as in bus wires, or at CPU block, but all 5 track names are same - Light, as pin on Light block is named. Is there any way to change track names to Light0…Light4?

Thanks for any hint or answer,

Hm… the hierarchical labels in the Sheets Light0…4 are all called ‘Light’… try to change that I’d say?

This was also on my mind, but all Light blocks are same schematic sheet (only blocks ale duplicated), so I don’t know, how to change name for each Light block instance. I tried to name that pin as Light[0…4], but then it is disconnected from all = it’s no solution.

Try to place a global label in the sheet Lights for each of the LIGHT0…4 local labels?

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As I go home, I’ll try it to set them as global labels, now they are local.

Now I tested placing global labels in Lights block for that pins and it works. Thank you!