Track moving after reducing clearance

I need to try and revise my design so that the clearance between tracks is 125µm rather than 100µm. Nothing seems to want to budge. What are best tools to drag/move tracks and vias around after I have reduced the clearance? Some work, some don’t it seems arbitrary. The ones that don’t work include those with plenty of room, it makes no sense.

If this does not work at all, you probably have set tracks (or some segments) to the “locked” position.

Do you want to increase or decrease the clearance?
If you change the clearance from 100um to 125um you increase the clearance. KiCad has some quite serious troubles this case. At the moment you increase the clearance in the design rules, you immediately create DRC violations, and KiCad does not handle this very well. (This is one of the many things which has also been improved in KiCad V6, which is expected in a few weeks now, but the problem is still there).

In a lot of situations the quickest way to resolve this (if dragging does not work) is to simply draw new track segments, and then let the Interactive Router delete the offending segments with the violations.

If you have a bunch of (sort of) parallel tracks, then deleting the odd (or even) ones clears all the DRC violations, and then you only have draw half of the tracks again. The others will get shoved aside because the DRC violations have been resolved.

Yes it is as bad as I thought. We have found someone that can make with the 100µm clearance as really I will struggle to reroute to 125µm.

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