Track length mismatch


I am using KiCad 5.1.2 on Ubuntu.

I am doing a “Tune Track Length”. I notice that the actual length of one Track is different compared to the information at the bottom of the screen and the “Tune Track Length” tool. Which one should I trust?

I have added the screenshot of the 2 information locations at the same Track.

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Looks like one is net length and the other is track length? From the via to the pin isn’t included in the track length from what I can see but that’s my guess and I’m sticking with it till told otherwise. :smiley:

Yes, you might be right.
If I use “tune track length” i need to see the length from beginning to end, so from pad to pad. Because when I route my DDR, just knowing only the length from Via to Via is pretty pointless to my opinion. How can I tune all Nets to same length in a good way then? I mean to use the tune track length I was hoping it would make the complete Net from Pad to Pad the correct length.

But I will wait for another response :grin:

The first is the actual calculated track length while the second is target length.
Alt+7, select track, Ctrl+L, or right click

Hi Jos,
I am aware of that. The confusion is between the 2 pictures and how I am supose to tune the length if I see the length from via to via when I need to know the length from pad to pad

5.1.2 on untu as well. Strangely enough, when selecting a track with vias it will highlight and calulate from pad to pad including anything inbetween. Regardless of the selection of track segment and position of the selected track(s), via(s).

In short it appears to behave as intended.

So that would mean that the actual length of the “Tune track length” is not correct. Because it is not matching with the net length at the bottom of the screen when selecting a Track.
It would also mean that someone that tunes the length it will tune it to a wrong length, because the user will type the target total length from pad to pad while the actual length is not accurate.
Very confusing.

With ‘anything inbetween’ I meant top, bottom what have you.

Yeah now I play with it mostly it gives the right value. in the end it seems to match.
aaah, never mind about this topic. It works in the end.

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