Track isnt showing on Gerber/PDF


Im currently trying to make a simple PCB for a project at school and I’m having some trouble getting all the tracks to show up in the Gerberfile. The track intended for VCC is the only track not showing up.

The VCC track is supposed to go around the other tracks/on the “perimiter” of the card .This is what shows up when I use GerbView, and cleary the VCC-track is missing. The case is the same when I print to PDF.

But when I click on the layer you can see the track, yet it is clear that something is wrong. (maybe the other horizontal green lines has something to do with it?)

VCC track is drawn on the same layer as the other tracks that actually shows up, yet it isn’t visible in the Gerberfile.
I used this guide when creating the gerberfiles.

I’m by all means an amatuer in this field, and I would like some help with this issue as the project is due soon.


Can you just send the files here? Gerber and pcb file.


I see thermal reliefs from the pad to the plane, so have you got two zones shorting out?


Im a new user here so cant upload files directly. Here is a .zip of everything:


Normal behavior, you have a track inside the zone with the same net (5V) and the zone “covers” that track.


And how could I fix this? Or can I ignore it?


In general it’s better to avoid loops in power lines. You don’t need the 5V zone at all, and don’t make loops with the track. In this case the zone without track could work because the area is so continuous, but I can’t say for sure. (Also the track width for the power could be larger if there’s at least 100s of milliamps going through, just to be sure, and you have plenty of space.)


You have a two layer board design here. The back copper (B.Cu) layer is your GND net which has some tracks across it. Your front copper (F.Cu) is attached to your 5V net. Both are filled zones. You can see that both nets are attached to their relevant zones by thermal spokes. All the 5v tracks that you drew on the F.Cu layer have been merged into the zone.

I get the impression from your original post that you expected to have all your tracks on one side of the board i.e a single layer board? I am not sure how you are making this - if it is being sent to a fab, you will find that two layers is standard. If you are going to make the board yourself e.g. by etching/routing, you might need to adjust your board setup.


Is this how it is supposed to be? Yellow is F.Cu and green is


Current don’t cares if he is going through track or through zone. The zone is a kind of wider track laying on thinner track. As they both are on the same layer the thinner becomes a part of wider.