Track Clearance and Pad Clearance close together

I m new to kicad.

As refered from uploaded picture, Is there ok to create a track to pass over the gap in between two pad but the track clearance and pad clearance are touching together?

Your track and pad clearances are overlapping. DSR will complain. Not a problem as long as the copper doesn’t overlap the pad clearance.

You can alter the track clearance. Board Setup > Design Rules > Constraints > Minimum clearance.

There is also Predefined sizes and Net classes, but as you are new to Kicad, you may need to read about those.

Here is a link to the documentation

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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sure about that? overlapping clearances should not be a problem at all, it only gets a problem if something which represents actual copper overlaps clearences.

@koklimabc as long as your clearences match your manufacturers minimums there is no problem routing it like you did.

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You’re right, my bad, otherwise the track would not be able to be placed between the pads.
Thanks for my brain-fade correction, I’ll alter my post to reflect your correction.

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Clearances are not summed, but the max is counted.
If pad clearance is 0.2mm and track clearance is 0.2mm than they will touch together when the distance between track and pad will be 0.4, but you can place them closer - down to 0.2mm distance between them.
If one of them would be 0.2 and the other 0.3 than you will be able to go with distance between elements down to 0.3 as it is max(0.2,0.3).

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