Traces width and clearance change

In my layout I have traces width of 0.1mm for one net class with same clearance Is there a way that I can change it to 4mil? without re-routing?

I’m not exactly following the issue, but you can load .kicad_pcb files into any editor, and change field values, that may not all be accessible in the GUI
eg if you find the net class you want, you can edit the defaults.

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As far as I can tell, changing the Track Width in the Design Rules Editor will not auto update the traces in the design. To do this you need to highlight the traces you want to change and update it in the Track Properties.

If you open the .kicad_PCB file in a text editor, like PCB_Wiz mentioned, you could locate your traces and manually update them.

Depending on the size of board it’s probably easiest to select them all by holding Shift and and clicking on them all then enter in a new width.

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@kgoodwin Thanks, This method is really nice, Also Can anyone suggest me any PCB manufacturer who can do 6layers, also if they can accept 0.1mm minimum trace width with clearance?

Thank you

The industry is constantly moving to smaller and smaller geometry constraints. My unsubstantiated impression is that 0.15mm ( 6 mils) is now fairly common for “standard” production, though some fabricators set 0.2mm (8 mils) as “standard” and add a charge for 0.15mm. I don’t recall any fabricators that allow 0.1mm (4mils) on standard production, though several fabricators say it’s possible.

Do you truly require features that small? Regardless of what a supplier may advertise or guarantee, the possibility of errors or defects increases as you approach the limits of what a supplier can provide.


6 layers - most if not all of them
0.1mm - very few if any, but they’ll charge you for it because their yield will be much lower.

@1.21Gigawatts @dchisholm,

you guys are right, It’s little hard to find with that trace, The only one I found is
They accept 4/4mil as minimum trace width.


Yes, they offer it, but the “strongly” suggest you use 6 mil or greater to reduce cost. So they will charge you extra for 4 mil.