Traces not avoiding Non Plated Through Holes (NPTH)

I have a footprint with some NPTH’s but when routing, I’m able to route traces right through them. Can someone point me to the setting I must be missing to avoid this, or tell me why this is likely happening? Thanks!

Information about KiCad version and OS can be useful to get an answer.

And even better if you share the footprint.

Oh right! I’m on 5.1.6. Windows 10 Pro

How do I attach the footprint here? Like just an image?

Drag and drop the footprint file into the edit (this) window

panasonic_EVU.kicad_mod (3.8 KB)

It can be a bug. A track should never get accross a hole.

In order to solve it, edit the footprint, select the pads and on the list Copper choose All copper layers. The copper, if any, will be removed when drilling anyway.

Ugh that’s annoying. Ok thanks for your help.