Tools missing in Symbol Library Editor...why?

Hello Folks:

Newbie User Day 2 here. Coming from Tina. In the Eeschema pdf turorial, pgs. 89,90 I notice several Icon tools appear on it (The symbol library editor) that are not on the software itself. Can anyone explain why?

At least provide a link to the tutorial or even better te us what exactly you miss.

Tutorials were close to compatible with KiCad V4, but if you are 2 Day User you probably have one of V5 versions. I have read tutorials attached to V5 because I thought they were updated - but it is not 100% true.
I think you have two ways of learning:

  1. Install KiCad 4.0.7 and learn it reading tutorials, and then switch to V5.
  2. Learn V5 by just trying how it works and if don’t know how to do something ask here.
    I have for example made for me a list of all menu positions and add to them short or longer descriptions.

The official doku for version 5 is up to date and well written. (The full doku. The fast start guide is only usable for people with previous experience with kicad)

When I have read Schematic and PCBNew pdfs contained with KiCad 5.0 my feel was different. May be the pdfs were changed. Nigtlies do not have pdfs so… are you saying about pdfs contained in 5.02?

Read the website. The pdfs might not have been updated by the installer.

Two different windows for Symbol Library Editor. I suppose the top is the old version… Yes?

Can someone suggest the best videos on you tube for learning this software? Also best published reference book(s)?

Nope mine does not look like this:

KiCad is currently being developed at a very fast pace compared to most other software EDA programs; the FAQ link at the top of this forum page makes a second attempt to keep users up to date.

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Re: Videos/Textbooks - I recently came across these videos from DigiKey. As well as showing the general workflow they do have some specifics about the changes between KiCad 5 and the preceding versions. There is also this course from Peter Dalmaris with an associated coursebook/textbook. It also appears to have been updated to Version 5. Disclaimer: I have no association with either of these.

The top is older(v2013) than the older one (v4.0.x)
Most videos of version4.0.x will help with version5. The symbol editor is an exception since there are many modifications in version5.

I think the most updated information is in the manual.

@ChrisGammell is working on an update to the getting to blinky tutorial series.

You can use the forum FAQ or the official docu in the meantime.
Be aware that the next update (5.1) will change many things in the user interface. 5.1 is expected to be released within the next month or two. (depending on how long it takes for the devs to fix the few still outstanding critical bugs.)

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