Tool to migrate PartKeepr Parts to Inventree

I’ve been using PartKeepr for a number of years. However I have some issues with how it manages part costs and the fact that it is written in Php (I’m a python man). I thought that I would give Inventree a try and did not want to repopulate the database in InvenTree,
So I created a script to migrate parts and categories to InvenTree.
It uses the PartKeepr REST API and the InvenTree python interface

I tried to generate the locations from the PK information but the Location requires a parent which is not always the case.
It also transfers over the stock number but not the pricing from PK.
I wanted to delete the parts in the Inventree database but this can’t be done using the python interface because it is not possible to make the park inactive. I had to modify the sqlite database

The script is here:


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