Tool: drawing dimensioning


Since updated the freecad to version: 0.17.13541 (Git) the tool drawing_dimensioning stopped to work giving the error message:

“During initialization the error type object ‘PySide2.QtWidgets.QApplication’ has no attribute ‘UnicodeUTF8’ occurred in /home/user/.FreeCAD/Mod/drawing_dimensioning/
Please look into the log file for further information”

The OS is linux mint 19

Have happened to you?

This is a KiCad forum, not freecad. Do you mean the StepUp workbench? It’s an external tool and it would be better to mention it in the subject line. @maui should be able to help if that’s the case.

I only asked because the Drawing dimensions workbench was recommended by @Rene_Poschl

The drawing dimensions workbench is no longer actively developed. It might therfore break in newer freecad versions.

The build in tech draw workbench might be an alternative. I however did not find a way to keep the dimensions tool active after placing one. This drastically increased the work needed for my workflow. (The reason why I use a no longer maintained workbench in preference over the build in one.)


I just played around with current freecad nightly and drawing dimensions under ubuntu 16.04 and it seems all works well.
Make sure you have the workbench updated to the current state (If you installed it with the addon manager then simply select install/update while you have it selected. If you downloaded it manually then you will need to download the newer version also manually.)

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