Too few parameters in LM741 op-amp

When using SPICE simulation I am recieving the error message “Too few parameters for subcircuit type “lm741” (instance: xxu1)Background thread stopped with timeout = 0” when using “.tran ”.
An image of my circuit is provided, it is a simple inverting amp with a gain of 2.

Thank you, Kruze

I only have 1 op-amp in my configuration.

Please check the 741 example in Simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice how to set up the power supplies for the opamp.

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After reviewing the document I am still having trouble, is there something wrong with my eschema schematic. My configuration of the LM741 only has 5 pins and the node sequence is 3 2 7 4 6 (obviously).

Look carefully at how the voltage sources are connected to the power supply pins of the op-amp in the example in the link provided by holger, and compare with how you connected them in your schematic.

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Unfortunately, still not following. They look connected to 4 and 7 from my eyes. Does a wire need to connect them over the op-amp? Is only VCC+ connected to ground because the wire does not run through the op-amp? Some of my wires have also turned pink…

Yeah it is not hooked up right . Suggest taking one of the LTSPICE video tutorials .

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Your power supplies are a mess. So is your pinout for an LM741 This is how it should be done:

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Setting aside the particulars of the circuit, something is missing (unless, I’m blind or…)

My 741 circuit…

Sorry, this is my first time using KiCad. I feel stupid lol, but what do you mean by pin out? I am receiving the same error message.

I am implementing that when I input my simulation parameters.

and, don’t you need a Negative 15v ?

If it were me, I’d duplicate the circuit that someone posted (me) and go from there. We have no idea what your 741 looks like…

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I’m a bit at a loss here…
You’ve connected the positive voltage to the negative supply… and vice versa.
That is reasonably simple to fix, but why?

Second, you’re apparently using some opamp symbol that has a different pinout from an LM741. So how’s the simulator supposed to know that?
Try using the standard LM741 symbol first and get it to work (it will). Then you can fiddle around with other opwmp configurations.

Thank you guys so much, I got it from here. I’ll likely be seeing you again

In this screenshot your +15V from V1 is connected to the pin designated V- (negative supply) on the LM741 and similarly your negative 15V from V2 is connected to the V+ of the opamp.
Look at where the + signs are in the voltage sources, that is the most positive potential.

I think simulators should more realistic and generate an animation of smoke coming out of the part. That would reinforce learning. :wink:

Only half serious but one simuator I’ve used (for simple circuits) would show a blown lamp if the current limit was exceeded.