Toggling between eeschema and pcbnew?

Wondering why in eeschema there is a pcbnew link up the top yet in pcbnew there is no link back to eeschema. I seem to be toggling back and forth, I realise that one should finalise the schematic first but that’s not necessarily the real world.

Also wouldn’t it be nice to have a hotkey that allows toggling between the two.

Leave open eeschema and pcbnew and switch with the operating system tabs.

If a component is selected in eeschema/pcbnew, the other application jumps to the matching footprint/symbol. And the same with other itmes like nets.

Or set up two monitors. It is the best option though not always possible.

I also asked this myself. Why is there no toggle button ? You are right, its just convenience - no big problem. But I hope sometime it will be available for users with only one monitor … :thinking:

It is, but on one monitor you can only sensibly see one application at a time on a usable window size, unless you have a really big monitor. Just change the focus between the windows.

This maybe true if you have a tiny single monitor setup.
I am however working with a dual monitor setup (2x1920x1200) and have done so for years and with that setup you can quite reasonably set EEschem and PCBnew next to each other.

Sometimes though this is still quite limited, so I’m thinking of upgrading to a 90cm+ monitor with a resolution of at least 3600x2100. This will probably mostly eliminate the need of any application to bump into the sides of my monitor.

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Famous last words. I used to think that way when I got the 23" CRT monitor for my home system. If anything, I started having more applications open at once. E.g., why stop with just EESchema and PCBNew? Surely you need to display the Data Sheet for the parts used in your circuit. And there’s probably an IEC or IPC standard that should be there on your desktop while you work, etc.

I have observed a truism regarding people and tools. (Any kind of tools - power tools, mechanic’s tools, software tools, etc.) As soon as you get a new tool that permits you to do some task that was previously impossible or impractical, you go looking for a task the new tool is incapable of performing. This, in turn, becomes the justification for the next tool.



I have a big 32" 2560x1440 monitor and can just squeeze in two useful KiCad windows side by side.
As @dchisholm says, you can always wish for more open at any time, although I think that I would have to resort to vertical stacking

Never thought of dual monitor setup as I have a 17” l7700, GTX1070 laptop…but it has a HDMI output and I have a 1920x1080 monitor with a HDMI input so might give that a whirl.

Thanks for turning on a light!

I don’t have a monitor setup at home (just the laptop monitor…) but at work I have a dual 24" monitor setup. I have one in portrait orientation and that allows two nearly full size windows stacked vertically. YMMV

Ive got 3 monitors with universal mounts. So it only takes me 15 seconds to swap between portrait or landscape.

Personally i only tend to work on 2 at any time. Its too hard to keep focused across such a large veiwable area. Also you will kill your neck if your endlessly doing near 90 degree turns. Swivel the chair. Not your neck.

Early on. Schematic + datasheet
Mid way. PCB + datasheet/schematic
End. Programming + datasheet/schematic

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