To Devs: INCONSISTANT left panel layout

I know there is a DEV or two that lurk here on occasion so one of them will find it. I don’t have a recommended solution, so I put this post here for the users to offer suggestions to the issue.

The issue is that the left panel is inconsistent. I was poking around with the “Filled Areas” icons and I noted that there is a small bar above and below the three icons. Then I notided that only 1 of these three can be selected at any point in time. Clicking one of the three turns off the other two.

This is the same operation for the “in” and “mm” buttons but they don’t have the same visual representation.

The “DRC”, “Hide Board Ratsnest”, and “Enable Auto Delete Old Track” are simple on/off buttons. Yet the “Hide Board Ratsnest” and “Enable Auto Delete Old Track” buttons are visually seperated by the exact same horizontal bars mentioned above.

There should be some distinction between “On/Off” and “Select from these” functionality of the buttons.

It would be very nice if there were a visual distinction between individual buttons and groups of mutually exclusive buttons. Unfortunately, wxWidgets does not provide any button types that do this, so it’d have to be implemented from scratch. A bit time-consuming.

That said, I might need something like that soon anyway, so if I end up implementing it I’ll see about installing it on the toolbars.

I said that I was not going to offer advice … lol …

Just putting the horizontal bars under the DRC button, under the raidial button, and the mm button would help for intuitive understanding.

I am not certain yet what the lower buttons all do, and I am using a nightly