To avoid rotating part names and id


Beginning my first schematic (KiCad 4.07).
Is there a way to make part names and id (i.e. 2k2 and R1) to stay being horizontal when rotating part itself?

Pointing each of them and pressing R is not a huge work, but it would be nicer if need not to do that.


As an intermediate option you can rotate one component 90 degrees and set the attributes right.
Then hover over the component and press “c” to copy.

Here in Europe we use rectangular boxes for resistors instead of squiggly lines which look too much like inductors. An extra advantage of that is you can write the value of the transistor inside the box. I like that, and am therefore very happy that the attibutes rotate with the component and the value stays in it’s box.



That means it is not the problem that I can’t find the right flag, but there is no such flag :frowning:
My R is 1x2,5mm, and is too small to have readable value in it. I use values fully identifying the part assuming my standard is 0603 so if I use different size resistor its value have to have info about it - for example 100k_4 means 100k 0402.
Till now I was using Univers condensed font for values, but in KiCad I think I can’t.

And I’m not sure if I have more capacitors than resistors at my schematics.

I decided to try KiCad because I suppose the PCB designing could be easier/faster than with Protel 3 I’m using till now.
I’m used to have all texts at schematic oriented horizontally and I’m surprised that having that in KiCad needs some additional work from me.


At least in the upcoming v5 you can hit “o” on top of the symbol to “Autoplace Fields”. A little bit shorter than hitting “r” twice and moving mouse in between.


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