TO-220 Footprint with heat sink


A quick shameless request.

anybody have a TO-220 (for 7812) footprint with compact heat sink? or separate heat sinks


A bit more detail might be required here.

How do you want the heat sink to look like?
Do you want vertical or horizontal mounting?

Have you already looked in the official libs? (There are lots of TO-220 footprints in there)

You are not helped by simply using some footprint that works for a specific heat sink if you can not buy the required parts. So i would advice you first find what you want to use in detail and search for a footprint for that.

Ya, sorry I have missed the word vertical in a hurry.
yes, stock footprint only am using. looking for a footprint with integrated heatsink or seperate heatsink.

sample images:

There are some Heatsink footprints in this repo

But again you first need to evaluate which Heatsink you can buy. And of course you need to find out how large the heat sink needs to be.

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You don’t have to model the heat sink footprint all that accurately. The first one could easily be represented by a rectangular block. The second by a rectangular block with a cut out. There are already some heat sinks in the library. If you don’t have one picked out maybe you could see about purchasing one that is already included.

If you are assembling the boards yourself then you don’t really even need the symbol on the schematic. Just leave the space clear in the layout.


I have made a new footprint for TO-126 with a heatsink and wondered why it is possible to add multiple 3D models. Beeing too lazy to read the manual I found out by testing that they are rendered together, not as alternatives.

Still a lot to learn in FreeCAD before I am ready to contribute to the libraries though, not easy to understand all the do and don’t do steps that affects the designs.


I have received the second alternate heatsink (Fischer-SK104) sample from customer and it has already available in the library.

Thank you very much @Rene_Poschl @hermit @terjeio