TL494 schematic

is there a schematic for the TL494 available anywhere in the internet?

In relation to KiCAD or just in general? What about the test circuit and typical application circuit in the datasheet.

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thanks for your reply,
I want to use it in KiCad.The simplified Block Diagram in the datasheet would be perfect.

Use it how? For drawing schematic components, I love it when the part is drawn like the block diagram where pins are grouped for functionality, not by pin order. And also, to use the exact same names as in the datasheet. This is just personal preference.

In the case of TL494, I would use this from page 8


you are right. This one is even better. But is it available to be used by Kicad somewhere?

With all the info in the data sheet in front of you it really wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to make this - certainly less time than it takes to search for it…

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At some point you have to learn to create your own symbols. With the drawing above to copy, it would take just minutes if you don’t care about ERC correctness.


With time, you will do it in minutes. The first time, well, it’s good training because it will certainly not be your last time :wink:

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effectively, I do draw the symbols if there aren’t any available. Every time I draw them I find that I am not good artist and hate it that I used off so much time.

Snapeda is often worth checking, but the symbols and footprints need careful checking and often modifying.

I would like to add that it would be great if a picture good be imported in the symbol editor like it is possible in the schematic. Then I would simply place the connections to where the drawing shows them , save it and could use quickly in the schematic.

Like this ? Symbol generator from PDF - uConfig

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