Title Block Parameters referenced in PCBNEW Text fields

Im quite surprised no-one has asked this before (as far as my search goes). It also doesn’t appear in the manual.

How does one reference the Title Block Parameters in PCBNEW text fields?

For example say I want to have Title (%T) or Comment1 (%C1) from the PI Editor title block or from page settings -> Title Block Parameters.
If I have a text field set to “%C1” it just renders and shows “%C1” instead of the value of it. These fields I imagine are for placing revisions and titles on the board which are linked to the page settings.

If one has the version/Rev/Doc number on a board, often on front on back, do you have to manually change it on the board wherever it appears?

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Yeah, I can’t make those references either. I can see it would be useful for revision/board name info on silkscreen, but maybe not much else?

It’s also useful to refer to when adding information on the comments and dwg layers where one can put instructions to the PCB manufacturer.

I’d argue for moving all of this information up to the “Project” level, where it can flow down to schematic as well as layout, BOM, etc. We have noted elsewhere that things like titles, drawing numbers, revision levels, release dates, change reasons, etc, may be common among schematics, boards, and parts lists . . . or they may be different. I can visualize a data structure that defines many of these fields, as well as allowing the user to define additional fields, and a matrix where the end user can define which documents (schematic, layout, BOM, etc) allow that field as a valid entry.



Yes that would be brilliant!! …and I dream of that too.
I was also thinking about then you could also save different print views… E.g. Assembly Drawing, Gerber manufacturing specification drawing, Layout Preview etc. And then one click export the updated Schematic, Different Print Views, BOM, all with the correct data/Revisions etc.

But for now was just trying to add a reference to information which is already there. I guess its not possible for now.


Has this been entered as a feature request by anyone?

This is already in nightlies and will be in V6

Very nice. Thank you and everyone who worked on this.