Title block designe

Hi every one,
I start with KiCAD and want to create my own title block (like ISO 7200).
In Pl_Editor is all OK. I save and start schematic editor with my own title block (everything is OK).
In title block used %C5,%C6, …, %C9 to fill field in title block.
When start page settings (to fill title block) I have only field for comment 1 to comment 4 but not to field comment to 9.
That is the problem - where is field for comment 5,6,7,8,9 in page settings?
And one another problem only %C3 is work, another %C1,%C2 and %C4 not work.

Please help to solve this problem.

best regards
Aleksandar Lomović

Even though I only started to work with this program, I think it’s really good.

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I’d bet the page settings dialog is hardcoded instead of flexible…
EEschema is being refurbished (10+ months away) and this might change then… if you need this now and got coding abilities - get involved is all I can suggest.

Check for the projects .sch file in the project folder and open it with a text-editor and look out for this block:

$Descr A3 16535 11693
encoding utf-8
Sheet 1 7
Title ""
Date ""
Rev ""
Comp ""
Comment1 ""
Comment2 ""
Comment3 ""
Comment4 ""

As for why only %C3 works and not the others… no idea.
Any chance you can share you customized .wks to have a look at?

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The Comment fields behave strangely
When I populate them in the editor, Comment 3 is placed above 2, which is above 1.
The company name ends up in bold at the bottom of the box.
This is not what I would expect and might be a bug

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Thanks for the indicated help. I’m currently busy I thik about one year, but I would be happy to contribute to the development of the program. At this time would suit any ability to take care of this. I’d like to do a job as quickly as possible.

I tried going into the eeschema file in a text editor and adding the Comment5, Comment6, etc. fields and then placed them in the title block. It still doesn’t work. It seems that the eeschema documentation is simply incorrect and there are only 4 comment fields for the title block.

Where does it say that?

This is true. Any suggestion to the contrary is mistaken.

Don’t see any mistake in the eeschema docs but the pl_editor doc (Section 4.1) has this:

%Cx = comment (x = 0 to 9 to identify the comment)

While true for the page layout, since you can’t access these above 3 in the page setup of either pcbnew or eeschema, it’s a tad misleading.

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Ah I see. I think the PL editor was the brainchild of a particular developer, but whoever implemented the eeschema/pcbnew support decided 4 comment fields was “enough”.

I’ll see about getting the doc fixed, unless there are any other volunteers…

I think the extra comments would be extremely useful. I would volunteer to do it, but I am neck-deep in finals right now. If I can remember, I will come back to this and try to implement C5-C9.