Tips for a parallel KiCAD v8 test version on a Mac

Hi there, looking to install v8 RC2 in parallel with my current v7.0.10 to start evaluating features and contribute feedback. Any tips or recommendations on how to have it completely separate? The installer only seems to allow automatic copying to the Applications folder. I tried searching on the forums but didn’t seem to find great answers. Thanks.

Drag the KiCad folder from the DMG to somewhere else (for example, to your desktop) and then rename it to (e.g.) KiCad Nightly, then drag it into your Applications folder.

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I do what craftyjon suggests, and then an extra step to get a shortcut to the nightly version in my dock next to the stable shortcut. Unfortunately macOS makes this kind of tedious.

In your Applications/KiCad Nightly/ folder (or whatever you called it), right click and make an alias. Rename the alias to something like KiCad (nightly) or whatever. Drag your alias into the dock.

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Thanks to both of you. :+1:t2:

You don’t need the extra copy step.

  1. You can always create the nightly folder beforehand and copy files there.
  2. You can initiate copying files to Application folder and choose the “Keep both” option when it detekts Kicad folder. This will keep the original Kicad folder and add 2 to the second one.

As to launching the correct version. Try using Spotlight search to launch apps. It will show which version you are about to launch.

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