Timeliness of Posts

Hi. I joined only recently and would like to help out to the limited degree that I can. KiCad is a great tool.
Once per week I receive an update from forum.kicad.info showing me the latest postings and there are a few I could possibly help with. BUT inevitably the question has already been more than capably answered with a lot of responses. So, I was wondering, could KiCad email us with issues that are more current, needing input, instead of ones that already have plenty of good answers?

Click on your user picture in the top right of the page. Then click your username in the little window. Click Preferences

Then you can go into the Emails section and change the summary rate from weekly to even 30 minutes if you desire

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You can also do what I do and just have a tab with the forum open at all times and have default view set to chronologic topics. Every time I take a break from work or have some time to kill I go through few tabs I have like these and do a quick scan of updates. If a topic interests me I subscribe to it or post a reply.

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That worked nicely. Thank you. I now get emails daily. Would have liked every 2 days but that was not a selectable option. No complaints; KiCad is a great community. Cheers.