TI MSP432 microcontrollers

Anyone have a model for the MSP432P401R, 128-pin device?

Thank you!

Are you truly looking for a “model” - such as used by a simulation program? I don’t believe KiCAD, even with the NGSpice extensions, has the ability to model a microcontroller.

Or, are you looking for a schematic symbol? That is a question that could generate an extensive discussion, since many of us create custom symbols almost every time we use a microcontroller in a project.

Or, are you seeking a footprint? You’ll have to provide some more information, since most microcontrollers are available in several different packages.



Well, Dave selected “Layout Footprint” in the forum software; but used the term “model” in the request. And, silly you, you forgot to ask him the final question, “Or, are you seeking a 3D model?”

I’m willing to wager a nickle that the answer is yes to “all of the above”!

Yep, you caught me on that one. He could be looking for a 3-D model. Perhaps it is time to expand @Rene_Poschl’s FAQ, What is the difference between footprints and symbols? to include models.

I also see that he’s looking for the “128 pin” version of this part, but a quick scan of the TI Product Page doesn’t show a 128-pin version - only a 64-pin VQFN, an 80-pin NFBGA, and a 100-pin LQFP.


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Correct, Sprig!
I was looking for all three, or at least symbol and footprint.
I found the footprint (BTW, if it wasn’t obvious, I’m completely new to KiCad), an LQFP-128, with 0.4mm pitch.
And thinking about Dale’s response, yeah, maybe not a complete schematic symbol, with all pins defined. I see the advantage of building the symbol(s) as needed, with the pins required. And for complex devices like a microcontroller, breaking it into multiple (U1a, b, etc.) sections. Does the symbol editor allow for that? So the separate sections can be placed anywhere around the schematic pages?

I don’t see any reference to a 128 pin option in the datasheet or ordering information

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Thanks, Rene! I will digest these.

One related question:
Once created, can I rotate a footprint by 45°, or are we restricted to 90° increments?


Probably because I pasted the wrong part number version.
The device selected is MSP432E401Y, and is an LQFP-128 with tiny 0.40mm pin pitch.
There is a footprint already, so that’s no longer an issue.


One cane rotate a placed footprint by any angle within the footprint properties dialog.

Perfect, thank you!

Here’s one more for you, as the KiCad guru:
When I create a new Symbol, and assign pin function names and additional information, is there a place where I can access the symbol file, and is it ASCII editable?
I’m thinking of a means to import a text file, even if it’s somewhat tedious, to assign the multiple functions a microcontroller can use on the many I/O pins. (PDx, AINx, Int, SPI, etc.)

All kicad file formats are human readable. The file is wherever you decided to place it.

MSP432E401Y looks better, a 128 pin TQFP. I have hand soldered the 0.4mm pitch TQFP before now. It is fairly common to see the TQFP footprints rotated by 45 degrees, which is allowed by KiCad

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