THT Through-hole resistor nomenclature

Now using kicad 5.0.0.
I placed a footprint associated with a through-hole resistor on my schematic named R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P7.62mm_Horizontal.

I see that the suffix Horizontal means the resistor is to be placed horizontally on the board. I see that the D7.62mm is the distance between the centers of the holes corresponding to the resistor’s two leads.

What do the other numerals in this footprint’s name mean?

Kicad library convention: (Starting at rule F2)

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Thank you, Rene_Poschl. Now I understand.
I have updated my kicad notebook with a list of standard reference designators. I appreciate your pointing me in the right direction.

This Vishay shortform lists the various THT resistors.
DIN 0207 is an industry standard way of referring to the body size:

It is confusing that 0207 is actually 2.5mm diameter and 0204 is 1.9mm diameter

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