Through hole parts (THT) in position files - missing ?!

Manufacturers and prototyping companies ask for the positioning files of all components, including through hole (THT) components.

I have been looking for options in KiCAD 5.1.4-1, but I can’t find how to export them to the positioning files. I do get the positioning information the “Footprint report” file, but that is not an accepted format.

In the positioning file I do succeed in getting the Virtual (!) and SMD components, but not real THT components.

Just to be clear, this is the popup from where I generate the positioning files - I also tick the option “Include footprints with SMD pads …”.

I have checked the forums. This question has been around since the beginning of 2017 at least:

Defining all THT components as SMD would be a workaround - the positioning file does not have the information about the component type.

The bug report shows " 2018-07-18 / Fixed in revision deed1d67b37d67295e62374b99e51bcd6c68a173" . I’ve checked the code edits - I can’t see how this is “fixed”.

Should this be reopened as a bug report or feature or is this just something that will never be proposed as a standard feature in KiCAD. [Of course we could implement this ourselves, but integrating scripts proposed by other users is generally not a pull and run operation - I am going to try]

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I do also define all components as SMD for generating the .pos file, normally, save beforehand, change the component type, generate the .pos file and then close pcbnew without saving. However, I do agree that having and extra check box for THT would be very useful.

If you believe the old fix does not solve the issue, raise a new bug and reference the old one, explaining why it is not closed.

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