Through hole inductor footprint not matching ultra librarian

I got this trough hole inductor that i’m trying to add the footprint in my PCB design but the footprint shown on ultra librarian is different to the one shown in KiCad after importing the .mod file, this is 3D viewer

the inductor in question is this:
it has 2 leads that should be soldered like a trough hole component but on 3D viewer the pads clearly are wrong

This is the footprint shown on ultra librarian:

link: Vishay IHDM1107BBEV120M30: Symbol, Footprint, 3D STEP Model | Ultra Librarian

the pads clearly are wrong

yes, that imported footprint would not work the real IHDM1107BBEV120M30 choke.
So you have to edit and correct the footprint yourself.

advice: use one pad with oval pad shape and oval hole shape. Use the values from the datasheet.

You’ll soon realize that much of the time, it’s easier to make your own footprints from a data sheet for the specific part. It seems really complicated at first, but once you understand it all, you’ll see it’s really not that hard. Good luck.

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