Thoughts on Hierarchical Power Ports?

At the moment all Power Ports are Global in nature. Where this becomes an issue is with trying to use Hierarchical sheets to simplify the design in Eeschema.

Here is a single screen grab:

At the moment, to have +3.3V_2 on sheet 2, the hierarchical sheet has to point to a seperate file. One of the benefits of using hierarchical sheets is that they can point to a single file and only one file needs to be altered to make the rest of them the same; except for Power Ports (and maybe something else I don’t know about).

As can be seen below, using separate files for each hierarchical Power Port does allow for the visual representation of the Power Ports that I was expecting. However, each individual sheet must be manually edited to match the other sheets.
At the moment, I typically use a text editor to copy the first hierarchiacal sheet then edit the Power Port symbol names on following sheets.

I hope that others are willing to help work through any potential issues before I finally create an account and actually upload this idea to the bugtracker/wishlist webpage.

is a single “sheet number” variable enough to paramtetrize the power-ports in the way you want?
Or would you want to instantiate a hierarchical sheet with multiple (unlimited?) parameters that you can freely set from the parent sheet?
I imagine you then use these parameters/variables in naming the power-ports/nets?

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Power ports are essentially global labels. For things like this global labels are not the best fit, hierarchical pins and hierarchical labels are probably better. At the very least you won’t have to do any manual editing.

I’m not saying this is not a valid feature request, just pointing out an easy workaround.

No, as the next level sheet is going to be Sheet Two (2) ; that I would want to show as 3.3V_1 ; and not “3.3V_2”.

After some thought, the LEVEL of hierarchical sheet might be the best way to do this.

I never thought to add the next level to any of the sheets I’ve done.

@Anders_Wallin Thanks for the quality of feedback.

I personally do not use power ports inside of my hierarchical sheets. I simply use hierarchical pins.
This is the most flexible way of doing things. Any use of a special symbol that has the hierarchy or anything else build into its name means you can not move sheets around.

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