This script is very interesting for make curve trace i download from

This script is very interesting for make curve trace for me…

i download scripts from…

i place scripts (kicad-devel-master folder) into this folder…
C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\scripting\plugins\

but it does not work T_T!
How do i fix it.

Kicad 5.1.6
OS Windows 10
Thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s not a script, it’s a codebase which you have to compile as you would compile the official KiCad if you would download the source code.

The history of that “branch” is notoriously sad. The author wasn’t capable of co-operation and created that code base in a strange way. I think it’s not up to date at all but is several years old except for his own changes.

The current nightly builds support curved traces. It’s not perfect yet (or even especially good as far as the UI goes) but you can create curved tracks by selecting a corner with two segments and select context menu -> Fillet. However, the nightly builds are still unstable and curves are not well tested.

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Seeing from another thread you seem to be aware of which works with v5.1.

seems to work only on 4.xx

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