This path was defined externally to the running process and will only be temporarily overwritten

I installed KiCad Version 5.1.4. on a new notebook.I wanted to iclude my old libarie for a project I started on my old notebook. I thought I simply can go to Preferences -> Configure Paths and change the Path of the environment variable name. But everytime there is an error messeage: this path was defined externally to the running process and will only be temporarily overwritten

What does this mean? How can I fix this problem?

Thanks for your help

Assumption: you are running windows.

You have the path variables defined in the retistry (either because you selected this option in the installer or because you had a previous version installed were this was the default.)

I do not know how to delete them but you can try and google till somebody more knowledgable comes along. (For proper help we might need to know your operating system)

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Thanks for the fast answer. I use Microsoft Windows 10 HOME

Unfortunately it’s typical for Windows to have differences between versions when you need to do something with the system, and not only between major version, but even between updates, too. Therefore it’s impossible to say for sure what works best for you. I found out that on my Win10 installation Control Panel (View by Category) -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables… lets me to edit both User variables and System variables (assuming my account has admin priviledges).

I can open the same dialog from Start menu search box by typing “environment variables”, but it has System variables editing disabled.

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regedit can do that for you. Nice tool to mess around with the registry, BUT beware of what you do to it!

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Yes, ich can change environment variables. But something is still wrong, I
acutual wanted to post some screenshots, but everytime there is a messeage “Acess Denied”.

Can you be more specific? Describe step by step what you are doing and quote the texts verbatim. Is this Access Denied related to KiCad or your attempt to take or post screenshots?

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Yes, I can. I wanted to make a screenshot concerning the environmet variables and post it on KiCad forum as I did several times in the past. But there is always an Error Acess Denied when I paste the picture.

Hmm, same here. I’ll ask about that in a new thread.

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Uploading images should work now.

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