This is not actually the place to do a feature request. ;)

This is a user forum that is sometimes visited by developers. Feature requests are not ‘official’ until you put them here.

You must have an account to add a feature request.

Feel free to discuss your request here and link it to your ‘official’ request if needed. You may find your feature is already requested, buried in a menu or documentation or have a suitable short term work around. In reality this topic shouldn’t exist on this forum as it gives a false impression but it is useful for the reasons mentioned above. It can serve to keep the feature requests focused.

Mods, feel free to treat this post as you would the FAQ. Modify it as much as needed. I don’t have a launch pad account so I’m probably missing some important details. I just wanted to get this up and pinned for clarity.

This should already be handled in the category description post: About the Feature Request Chat category

Sadly nobody seems to read it (It even comes up as a tooltip when selecting the category of a topic.)

OK. I’ve wondered about this so I’ve done a little more checking. EVERY pinned subject seems to get unpinned in my browser. If I open up another and don’t log in then the pinned subjects show up at the top. Users can unpin things on their own but this isn’t what I’m doing. My default home page here is ‘latest’. I’m not sure if that makes a difference. It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t find the description linked too. I finally went to the bottom of the category and there it was. If this is happening with every body then pinning a post is kinda useless for users. I’ll leave this thread up for a while and then kill it I guess.

I first noticed this when we were setting up the FAQ and the index page kept getting unpinned. That’s annoying. :wink:

The default setting in the user profile means that topics are unpinned when you have read them.

Thanks. I had just browsed my setting and managed to miss it. I wonder if what we really need is to change the category title to “unofficial” feature request.

I would rather see the category changed to “Feature Request Chat”

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I didn’t tag Chris because I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about my proposal. Given the way the software is designed I think that is where we need to make it obvious.

I’m down with changing the name. Probably should be far away from anything official.

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Personally I’d go with @davidsrsb 's suggestion as long as the software allows it.

Renamed and pinned this conversation for people to hopefully see it at the category level. Was there something that I missed about the “software” comment above?

I simply wasn’t sure if the software allowed name changes like that or if it would screw with other links/database/whatever. If it allowed you do do so I’ll ass u me no. :wink: I only started looking into this because my settings were unpinning things and I thought that was the reason no one was seeing your post. But, that’s when it became apparent that maybe we needed another approach. Name change should do it. Thanks. :smiley:

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