This is my first project using kicad

I now have a question, how does kicad achieve grid copper.

Do you mean hatched copper fill? It’s available only in the development version. You can try it in the nightly builds, but they are not stable in any sense at the moment. If you open your design with a nightly build the design will be converted and can’t be used with the stable version anymore.

If the project isn’t critical and you can accept problems with using and keeping up with the nightly builds until they stabilize, go for it. But other Open Source HW designers would be tied to it, too.

I tried to install kicad-git, but did not install successfully, I will try again when I have time

The package depends on your OS (Linux distro?). What do you use?

I use archlinux.
Probably because I didn’t update the whole system.
Is there a pre-compiled version to download

@nickoe is marked as the maintainer of the kicad-git package, maybe he can say something.

(I don’t personally use arch nor know anything about it.)

Do you really need Cross-Hatched copper or can you use the standard copper poured fill? Poured fill exists and is easy to use.


“Mesh filled copper” is really needed. But not very urgent.

Mesh filling, with better visual effects.

I will try in the future, developer version.

"Poured fill exists and is easy to use". I don’t quite understand this filling. I need to see the picture effect to understand. After reading your related post, it sees to refer to this type of filling

Beware that if you change to the PRE V6 build, it will change your files and there is NO WAY to get back to a V5 file format. This is a significant change just for a visual effect.

You already have a poured copper fill in your screenshot. With hatching I mean this: Post-v5 new features and development news

If you really want it you could develop using KiCad 5 in your main git branch, create a new git branch when you are ready to order and convert to V6 for ordering.

Or you could create a python script for PCBnew.

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