Thin line around pad in Module Editor - Keepout?


When I place a pad, there is a thin line enclosing the graphical shape of the pad. For example, if I placed a circular SMT pad at 1mm diameter, a solid red circular pad would be created. A thin line of about 1.4mm diameter would also be created surrounding the pad. The same line would be created if a rectangular pad was created.

What does this line signify? Is it possible to change the dimensions of these lines?


The distance from the pad to the line is your default net’s clearance. It does mean nothing at all in the module editor, just a carry-over from the pcbnew on which module editor is based. You can safely ignore those lines :wink:
In the pcbnew these lines will show real clearance, you set it up from the Design Rules menu.

Ok great thanks. I’ll ignore it in the module editor.