These installers seems out of date ;)

Found these two installers on an old USB drive.

It’s hard to imagine how much work has gone into developing KiCad since then.

I had a look at the board-file of the first product I ever designed using KiCad and the file is dated 18/12/2008. That’s the date when the product was finished, so I probably started using KiCad about six months earlier or so.

It’s incredible what has become of KiCad during these 14 years, and I’m really happy that I started using it and stayed with it all these years.

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Found some even older installers. :smile:


I don’t think I would be very happy going back to the 2008 version now… :stuck_out_tongue:


You might enjoy this Gource visualisation of the development of the KiCad project. This is from 2015 - it will be significantly more explosive since KiCad6.


That’s really cool! :smiley: Awesome visualization of all the work being done in this project!

Interesting to pause occasionally to read developers names… some have been around a very long time.

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