Thermal supports problem (KiCad 6) [SOLVED]

Hi, i simple created copper area (GND) and specify in its property to use thermal supports.
Automatically kicad add thermal supports in all GND pads, obviously, but in some pads i obtain this result (see photoes).
A thermal supports connected to nothing, i’m not able to remove this, even in gerber files because it not appear in a single line but in a surface.
Thank you very much.



I was looking in 6.00 for a zone keepout. Maybe that is now done with a “rule area.” Can you try adding “rule areas” to either side of the pad so that KiCad does not add thermal relief spokes pointing in that direction?

OK! It works fine. Thank you!!
I created a little keepout area for any zone of that thermals and this resolve for me!


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Are you sure you’re using 6.0? 5.1 had this bug, but it’s fixed (at least in all cases I’ve seen) in 6.0.

Can you post a simplified board that shows the issue (that is before you added keepout areas to fix it)?

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