The Tutorial and Its Relation to the Software


New member and a wet-behind-the-ears newbie. I’ve used various CAD software before, but never EDA software. The tutorial is pretty good and and I’m pleased with my progress so far.

This is not a complaint, however, there are parts of the tutorial where it seems out of sync with the software. Like the tutorial got ahead of the actual features of the software or vice versa. I’ve been able to get through it and find a way to do things that seemed to have worked so far, but it had me stumped a number of times.

I know this is a large project done by people with their own valuable time and I appreciate that, I really do. < I bow in all of your general directions.> I just wanted to know whether what I’m experiencing is real or if I’m just screwing something up.

Otherwise, I’m pretty thrilled with this software. Thanks to everyone responsible, I’m genuinely amazed at what you’ve accomplished.


Hi, Toaster

I am not the best authority but my take is that this forum has largely replaced most other sources for KiCad training material. Be sure to check out the FAQ section. Also there are plenty of us here who can provide either guidance or interference, depending upon what you seem to deserve. :smiley:



Software is generally ahead of the tutorial in many places.

To which tutorial are you referring?
There are 20 different sources listed on:

I clicked on the Wayne & Layne’s tutorials link, and that one has not seen updates after 2013, which is several mayor KiCad versions ago and in that time frame KiCad changed from “promising but not really there yet” to “Quite good”. And in probably half a year or so KiCad-nightly V5.99 will turn into KiCad V6 and it has a lot of improvements and extra features and will make all current tutorials feel quite old / awkward.

The FAQ index of this forum (also listed from the link above) is very likely the most up to date. I’ts not a beginners tutorial however, but goes quite deep into the details of various (49) subjects.

Thank you all for your replies. It’s kind of encouraging that I’m on the right track, but a little unsettling that the track is sometimes wrong. However, I will use your suggestions, and I shall muddle through.

How often are there significant updates to the software?

KiCad V4 was released on 2015-11-29
KiCad V5 was released on 2018-07-22
KiCad V6 is expected somewhere this year.
Minor version increments are mostly bug fixes, or small low risk changes. For more details see:

Good luck and don’t burn the toast. :grinning: Sorry I had to say that. I am not particularly gifted WRT learning software. I am reasonably confident that anyone capable of “doing electronics” can become productive with KiCad. I am using a 5.99 version and like it pretty well.