The symbols in eeschema totally are out of grid

The symbols totally are out of grid in my old project , after i had opened it after a while.
So, i can’t to redraw nothing in it, because of the new wires which i had draw to change deleted, don’t make connection now. Of coarse, if I had remove the symbol, and then place it back, it targeted to grid.
If i had selected symbol, and move it, it can same targeted 2 grid, but the wires are not target to grid,
so my way is to move symbol and then redraw all wires connection between edited symbols.


the problem is that 2 lazily 2 redraw all. Can somebody to remember the function or shortcut, which can 2 move the selected elements 2 grid knots?

(i mean something similar as in altium CTRL-SHIFT-D shortcut move selected items to existing grid )
i had used testing v.5.1.3-609. the project was originally made in last year, the version was about 4.x.x or smth. else.

The only way to fix is to use Move command for symbol which will bring your symbols back on grid, and redraw the connections manually. Drag command (which would preserve connections) will not get your symbol back on grid.

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