The Schematic "Value" Field Is Not the Proper Term ...?


For me, it really took some time using KiCad to start to grasp all the little quirks and possibilities.

I’ve come to realize that the “Value” term used in KiCad is not quite proper for every type of part. It works as expected for resistors and capacitors.

However, I have a part with flying leads on my schematic. This part does not have a “value”. To connect it to my board I have a “connector/plug” that is simply one 2-pin connection made up of 2 plated through holes on the Pcb. There is no “value” or “part number” for this connection, it is simply “P3” on my design.

While I currently have used the “Value” field to display the “rating” of a fuse in my design, they are not exactly the same thing.

What I am currently doing is using a layer to show the outline of the part on the Pcb, and the “Value” if it is a passive part. I don’t want the part number on this layer, which of course is what happens to the “Value” field when an IC is dropped onto the schematic. This means I have to delete this clutter from the layer.



Long day, eh? :upside_down:

I don’t show the ‘value’ on the pcb at all.
It’s a remnant from the through hole days for me & I most often don’t even have the space for the RefDes field either…

If I need the information that those fields communicate I open the pdf which contains the assembly layout.
Also it’s too much work for me to move those fields into readable position for the 1-2 use cases they have, I save time.