The Schema is not saved!

Bonjour à tous,
I am a new user.
After creating a diagram and its PCB, I saved the work in a dedicated directory.
By wanting to rework the project the next day, I note that the .sch is on the disk but that wanting to open it, KiCad tells me that it does not exist! He offers me a new scheme.
On the other hand, if I double click on the corresponding pcb, it opens the drawing conforming to the last backup.
From there, I want to go back to the diagram, Kicad tells me that it does not exist! and offers me a new scheme.
I tried saving under another name, same problem.
Has someone already had this problem?
Thank you for your reply.
Luc Coisman

Can you zip and attach the project here?

(You may need to spend some time reading the forum to get privileges to attach files.)

To me this reads as if there is no project file.

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Which might be because the user tries to open a subsheet from the operating system file browser instead of opening the main schematic or better the project.

OK eelik
, it’s a program on my machine that was blocking access to the file. Everything is back to normal. Thanks for your interest.

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Thanks to the others too

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