The power symbol in the schematic cannot modify the voltage value?

The power symbol in the schematic cannot modify the voltage value? Will the future version support it? Ad can be directly modified or very convenient.

The way power symbols work now is a bit of a hack.
There are some Ideas to improve this, including the ability to change the text, and I think this is also already mentioned on gitlab. For some reason gitlab is very slow (again), and I could not find it in a few minutes.

This is probably a front-end way of preventing the user from making a hard to detect error until the power symbols evolve into something a little less than a hack. The way power symbols connect to global labels is based off of the hidden pin name, not the value field. If the value is something other than the name of the (hidden, power input) pin then it is easy to think the power symbol connects to a different net than it actually does.

If you want a power symbol value different than the currently available ones you will need to create a new power symbol in your personal libraries with the hidden pin set to the power value that you want.

Yes, an important point is that modifying a symbol in the default libraries is going to give grief.

The symbols use a “#” to identify them as special
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