The application was unable to start correctly

My KiCad was working fine.
All of a sudden when I tried to launch KiCad I got an error message.
kicad.exe - Application Error
“The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000102).
Click OK to close the application.”
I downloaded the latest version of KiCad 5.1.10 but the problem remained.
Please help.

I am not “the expert in the room” but at least I can try to pry you to get a bit more information. Maybe someone else can contribute, based on your response.

Do you mean that KiCad was working OK until you updated? Or rather it suddenly would not launch without you knowingly changing anything?

What is your OS?

Did you try a simple re-install based upon the original download?

Hi Bobz,
Thank you for responding.
It suddenly would not launch without me knowingly changing anything.
There may have been a Windows update since the last time I used it.
My OS is Windows 10 Pro.
Version 20H2.
OS build 19042.985
I attach my system info and the error message.


Searching on that error code gave this result, for another application. That experience suggests that you could try scanning your disk for errors.

Good day retiredfeline and Bobz,
Thank you very much for your kind assistance and interest.
I did as recommend by you let Widows scan and repair my hard drive.
It apparently did find some faulty tracks and repaired them.
I did then afterwards try restart KiCad however it complained that it could not find certain files.
I think during the repairing process Windows must have moved them.
I did re-istall KiCad.
I am happy to report KiCad is now once again up and running and doing very well.
I did initially try and search the error on Google but I did it in relation to KiCad.
I did not realize it is more of a Windows problem.
Thank you once again for your help.
It is much appreciated.

Great that the root of the problem was found, but unfortunately it doesn’t mean it’s solved. If the disk has started to fail like this it will fail totally soon, you should replace it with a new one.

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